If you have bought a buy to let investment condo at Bayanihan Flats then you have made a great choice and if you need we are here to help you.

Current Rentals in the area are extremely varied due to the many differing types of accommodation available and they also depend on the development, the unit size, the quality of the furnishings and whether or not the unit benefits from parking.

It is impossible to forecast the future with 100% certainty however we feel the the rental levels for Bayanihan Flats will be between 9,000 and 11,500 for the single studio in 2020, Giving a gross return on investment in the region of 9 to 10% pa. if not exceeded depending upon the quality of furnishings.

Typically longer term contract ie 6 month to 12 months the rentals do not include the condo dues which the tenant will pay. Should you be interested in renting out your condo please let us know and we will contact you nearer the time of turnover.

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